4 Men’s Hair Replacement Systems For Seasoned Wearers

If you have been rocking toupees for more than 2 years now and have never torn a base or made a hairpiece shed hair within a month or so, you are a seasoned wearer. Welcome to the club!

Now you can pick any kind of base, no matter how delicate and thin it is. It’s quite difficult for a new user to handle gentle SFS base or a very thin Bio Skin base. They need some time to get along. That’s why we suggest newbies French lace toupee or Monofilament toupees with full perimeter Poly to start with.

But for the seasoned wearers we suggest these four products from our inventory. You can visit our custom and stock hair system pages to learn more about these hairpieces—

Custom Superfine Swiss lace without Poly
Swiss lace bases are almost invisible to naked eye and if bleached knots are added, unless people are looking at your hair with a magnifying glass or using a superzoom lens, one can hardly guess that you are wearing a hairpiece. All of our knotted hairpieces come with bleached knots.

There’s no need to keep a Poly border but in case you are not confident enough, keep it on the sides and the back only.

All Superfine Swiss lace stock toupee without Poly
We shall always ask people to go for custom pieces since the number of options available for customization are more but there’s no harm in choosing a stock Swiss lace toupee without Poly. This comes with 6 inch hair length, medium density and slight waving.

Custom Bio Skin
Every hairpiece wearer should have at least one Bio Skin in his inventory. It’s thinner than Thin Skin hairpieces and more stretchy. You can opt for V-loop attachment.

Thin Skin V-loop
If you are in a hurry and 6-inch hair length will do, buy the stock Thin Skin men’s hair replacement. The best part of V-loop attachment is it hides the fringes remarkably.