3 Reasons You Should Wear A Hairpiece

If you think men’s hairpieces are only cover-ups then we have a lot to say and it’s always better to explain things to-the-point.

To save money

Surprised? But hairpieces can save your money. There can be two situations—
1. You have hair loss problem
2. You don’t have any
For the first, you may go for a transplant or hair regrowth session but that will cost you not less than $5000 whereas a good quality hairpiece constructed on a soft lace mesh or thin skin with luxurious Remy human hair may cost around $200.
And if you can follow the maintenance guideline, you can use the pieces for up to 6 months. Even if you buy 3 hairpieces a year, then again you won’t have to shell out more than $600.
Besides, there’s no guarantee that transplants will be successful. Your body may not respond. That’s the biggest downside of the treatment. Just imagine, you have paid the bills and you are still left with the issue.
If you don’t have hair loss problem, then too you can slash down the salon spends by using hairpieces. On an average US men spend $640 in a year for hair which includes haircut, trimming, coloring, spa etc.
You can get 2 hairpieces for $400. Just customize the pieces with different color or hairstyle and keep swapping.

To flaunt a fashion
Do you wear the same dress every day? Even if you have only two dresses in your possession, you are likely to swap frequently if not every day.
We love to flaunt ourselves in different styles and fashion. And this is why we change hairstyle, try a new outfit, buy new shoes and accessories and set our hair differently sometimes to sport a fresh look.
Instead of experimenting with your natural hair, use hairpieces. Just get a couple of pieces made in different color, gray mix, streaks and styles and swap as and when required.
You can do it in the Enrique style too. Maintain a signature hairstyle in all the pieces but use different streak colors and keep one without any streak at all.
That way, if you swap, people will think that you just had a streak done in a salon.

To set a look
Even if you don’t suffer from hair loss, you may have thin hair or gradual normal hairline recession due to ageing. If it is so, you can enhance your looks with a hairpiece.
Hair is the key look setter and if you can set it right, no one can stop you from stealing attention.
You won’t have to wear the pieces daily if you don’t feel like but you can keep the pieces to wear on special occasions like when you are going for a date, a wedding, an important business presentation, interview or a simple weekend mingling party at your neighbor’s place.
Contemporary pieces are so made that you can look absolutely natural and there’s no chance of detachment. You can swim, take a shower, run and sleep, putting it on.