11 Dress-up Tips For Easter

7 days down the line we have Easter 2015 and we are sure you do have plans for that weekend. May be you are on a shopping spree now to pick the right stuff so that you can look best at those dinners, brunches and church sessions. 

Below are some tips, both for the guys and the girls--

Hairstyles set the looks, above anything else. Buy hairpieces for men or women whether you have balding problems or not. Those are the best look-setters. Our favorite celebrities are the examples. They wear these in parties, red carpets and premiers. You too can get one to set your Easter look.

Choose an attire suitable for the kind of party you are attending. If it’s a lunch prefer pastel shades and soothing colors. That goes both for men and women. The season is spring. Celebrate the colors.

For egg-hunt session men will look best in Khaki pants or shorts, button-down shirts or Polos. Ladies can slip into sundresses, dressy cardigans, a-line skirts and matching tops.

Avoid too obvious Easter motifs in your dresses. Ladies go for classy floral prints or pick solid color silk dresses.

Ladies should invest on nice head gears. Bonnets are convention for the church sessions. For the lunch or brunch invites, go for the hats that have got flowers, ribbons and come with a large radius. Part veils can also do. Whatever you wear, that should complement your dress.

Tuxedos are must for formal Easter dinners and men have to abide by even if they hate the idea. Color options are limited for them but ladies can avoid black. There are so many occasions left in the year to wear black, wear some colors

Men too should pick nice hats for lunch parties and egg-hunt sessions, preferably in beige, light brown, pale cream or light gray.

For the kids and teens of the family, there are Easter hoodies available in various funny designs and matching gloves, if needed.

Ladies will look nice in floral headbands, be it a dinner or a lunch. You can pick one set in gemstones or a regular decorative one. The design matters, not the price.

Do wear matching earrings. Also wear a nice bracelet and a ring. Ideally you should wear a single statement piece. A ring set in a single piece of amethyst/ azotic topaz/ garnet/ lapis lazuli/ opal or any other semi-precious stone will be a good choice.

Do not undermine shoes and bags. That too should match with yourLadies should invest on clutches for the dinner parties. For the brunches or luncheons surely you can find one from the range of totes or slings you have.