10 Tips To Take Care Of Lace Toupees

If maintained properly, lace toupees can last up to six months and make the purchase as cost-effective as possible. Below are 10 tips on how to take care of your soft base lace toupees and make them last longer--

You need to clean your toupee at least once in a fortnight with purified water. Remember that the water should be free of iron.

You should always use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to clean your lace toupee hair or else it will be damaged within weeks.

Always comb the toupee hair as gently as you can. Hard combing means you are scratching on the soft lace mesh and that can make it tear apart.

Detangle by gentle brushing and then wet the toupee hair before applying the shampoo. This will prevent piling up of hair like a sponge since if it happens so, you will need to get ready to scrap the toupee.

Rinse the toupee well and towel dry after shampooing. You can use a hair-dryer or hang it to dry naturally in a covered place.

Always wash or brush the hair in one direction or else the hair will start

Do not try to perm, color or highlight. If you are looking for a specific hair color you should order for a toupee by selecting that particular hair color option. Do not go for any kind of chemical processing afterwards.

The toupee needs to be completely dry before you put it on again. Besides do not ever go to sleep when the hair is not dry enough.

If you have considerably long hairs on your toupee, tie up before going to bed. You can also wear a scarf or a satin bonnet while sleeping.

When you are swimming you should wear a swim cap. Although with good quality lace toupees you can do anything but it is better if you can protect it from prolonged direct contact with water.